Vampire Weekend is an ambitious crew. Each member of the respected indie-rock outfit has pursued side projects during the band's recent hiatus, including drummer Chris Tomson. His debut, 'Youngish American,' is credited to Dams of the West, but it's literally a solo record — Tomson played all of the instruments. Vital input came from the disc's producer, Patrick Carney of the Black Keys (and it was released on Danger Mouse's label, 30th Century Records). Standout tracks like “The Inerrancy of You and Me” and “Flag On the Can” are clever and charming. In this new Vevo interview, Kim Taylor Bennett connects with Tomson, who discusses his affinity with Animal of the Muppets, the process of being “adultish,” the proper cooking time for pasta, and other subjects. Producer: Anupa Mistry Editor: Lika Kumoi Dams of the West on Vevo - Dams of the West